What’s Up, catalpa #3

We’re all watching Land Rover Kentucky today, but the Catalpa Corner Horse Park course designer, course builder and Jay Stockhausen are creating miracles on the Catalpa course today. It never stops. This huge tree fell in one of Susan and Jim’s pastures and today it is going to the park to fulfill its destiny as a landmark obstacle. Imagine trying to load this up! Big jumping fun ahead.

Go Catalpa!

What’s Up, Catalpa #2

Spring Cleaning! 

All projects start at the Mill House, just up the hill from the party barn.  However, the beating heart of the horse park was beyond chaotic, disorganized, dirty, and overall, rather depressing.  I am surrounded by the farmer mentally which does not throw anything away – no matter how archaic, rusted or useless – and the clutter just kept snowballing year after year.

After the delivery of a rather large dumpster, the tossing began. A week later, a decade of chaos is resolved!

Don’t tell Jim…

The Mill House now has a WOW factor and lightens our labors of love! 

See you in May! Go Catalpa.


What’s Up, Catalpa?, #1

Derecho Damage and Clean Up – Thank you FOREVER, Jay Stockhausen

Jay Stockhausen jumping one of the birdhouse rolltop jumps he designed and created for Catalpa, on his mare, Better and Better,

The Derecho of 2020 seemed to pick and choose its disastrous path across the state and, unfortunately, steered sustained 80+ mph winds into our woods, bringing devastation.  

We lost over 15 very large mature trees and the forest floor was littered with outstretched and twisted limbs.

Losing trees is so sad and difficult.

The cost to hire a professional to address the 2-3 trees that naturally fall each year in the park is about $3,000. Cleaning up after the massive devastation caused by the August 10, 2020 derecho was simply not in our pocketbook.  

We will be indebted for infinity for the skill, dedication and kindness of Jay Stockhausen, who appeared monthly with a fueled-up and sharp chainsaw and spent a weekend with us sawing trees and stacking limbs, creating a two-story burn pile.

Jay expertly piloting his other mount at Catalpa

We have collected the tree trunks to make jumps and carved logs and lumber (more on that coming soon) for jumps – the ultimate recycling. 

Kick on Catalpa!

~ Susan